Requirements for Physicians Requesting a Statement of Need from the Saudi Health Mission*

Email documents to

*Please note, the Saudi Health Mission issues the Statement of Need to Saudi Nationals Only, No Exceptions.  Please also include your USMLE®/ECFMG ID Number with the below documents.

Before the Statement of Need can be given to you, please submit the following to :

  1.   Write a letter addressed to the Saudi Health Attaché, Dr. Fahad AlTamimi with the following:

a. Requesting a “Statement of Need”;

b. State your specialty;

c. Assurance that you will return to Saudi Arabia after completing your training;

d.The letter should be in English and notarized for authenticity of your own signature.  The letter can be notarized from your bank or a notary in your state.

2. Copy of the letter of confirmation of residency from the U.S. hospital or institution;

3. Copy of passport;

4. Letter from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM) to confirm your financial sponsorship. Or,

a. Proof of Ministry of Health employment; This proof can be that you are a Ministry of Health employee by providing a copy of the ID card, or,

b. Provide a copy of the letter that you received from the government regarding your scholarship in the U.S.

5. Copy of a current (not expired) National ID card.