Physicians Requesting a Statement of Need Letter
from the Saudi Health Mission, Washington, D.C.


Requested Documents:
Before a Statement of Need letter can be issued to you from the Saudi Health Mission in Washington, DC, please provide the following documents which can be scanned and emailed over:

1) Notarized, brief letter addressed to the Saudi Health Attaché to USA & Canada which states that you will be returning to Saudi Arabia upon completion of your medical training in the U.S. The letter must include the following points and be in English:

a) Your ECFMG #;

b) State the EXACT training specialty that ECFMG has confirmed and documented with you;

c) You must sign your letter;

d) Your letter must also be stamped and signed by a Notary Public—who usually can be found at your training hospital in the U.S. If you are in Saudi Arabia, you may have it notarized by your financial sponsor;

2) Passport (picture and current visa page);

3) Copy of National ID;

4) Acceptance letter from your training hospital in the U.S.;

5) Confirmation letter from your financial sponsor (must include physician specialty).

6) Please email your documents with your request to

In addition to all the documents requested above, for Point 5, you can instead request a Financial Sponsorship Certificate from the Saudi Cultural Attaché, SACM / Canada regarding your transfer to a U.S. hospital.