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The legal profession has great career prospects over the next ten years. If you`re looking for flexibility, these 10 companies hire for remote legal jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals earn an average of $52,920 per year. In addition, work experience can also be beneficial if you are trying to get a job from home. To hold this position, you must hold at least a bachelor`s degree from an accredited college or university. Many positions may require a Juris Doctor or licensure. FlexJobs can help you find a remote legal job that`s right for you. Our job postings are researched and verified as real jobs with no scams or shady opportunities. Interested? Learn more about how you can make money answering legal questions with JustAnswer here. Familiarity with transcripts of court proceedings.

Conduct quality assessments of the work product of transcribers. Advanced typing speed of 60+ WPM. While qualifications may vary from company to company, a legal assistant generally needs to have at least a high school diploma and certification in paralegal studies. Often, a company may also require a partner`s degree. FlexJobs is a subscription service for job seekers that offers flexible and remote jobs. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the cost of the monthly subscription allows us to fully review and verify all jobs on our website, ensuring clients have a safe and positive job search experience. To work as a contract specialist, you must have a bachelor`s degree. Many employers also require several years of work experience. Some employers may also want you to have work or internship experience in the legal field. Imagine sitting in front of your computer helping people around the world with legal problems.

It may seem difficult, but some home-based job seekers enjoy this type of work because they are able to work their own schedules. Browse our legal job openings and consider joining FlexJobs for perks like flexible positions, skills tests, free courses, discounted career coaching, job search checklists, and more. Welcome to the site for remote, part-time, freelance and flexible legal jobs! It`s the perfect place to find legal job openings, with a wide range of remote and flexible legal jobs. Some common job titles on the Legal Jobs page are lawyer, paralegal, law clerk, case assistant, litigation. More If you want to combine good career prospects and a high median salary with a virtual job, we have 10 companies that often have remote jobs on FlexJobs. Check out this list and read our Flexible Legal Jobs category for even more options. Depending on, the average annual salary of a contract specialist can range from $56,118 to $67,850. Those with legal experience can use their expertise to make money answering questions. And this can be done completely remotely. The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows above-average growth for all legal professions, which is good news for any lawyer.

The Georgia Innocence Project (GIP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing pro bono legal services to people in Georgia who are in Georgia due to c. Axiom provides legal advice to the general counsel of several Fortune 100 companies, including Accenture, Amazon, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Time Warner, The New York Times, MasterCard and the New York Stock Exchange. Do you find yourself constantly finding typos in books or articles? If so, working as a legal proofreader may be the perfect home job for you. The term legal advisor is used synonymously with “lawyer”. This means that you are the primary workforce behind researching and presenting a case, as well as writing opinions. In this role, you can: Excellent negotiation skills are essential for this position, as are excellent communication and legal skills. The truth (and the good news!) is that legitimate job work exists in the legal field! However, these positions can be a bit confusing to find and advertise. In a paralegal role, you will wear many hats. The main function of the position is to work with lawyers to win cases. In addition, legal assistants must have prior professional experience in the legal field. The amount may vary depending on the role.

Also, some home-based jobs may prefer someone with experience and education. Equivity was founded to “help busy professionals live more fulfilling and productive lives.” For individuals and businesses across the country, the company provides services in various fields such as consulting, insurance, finance, law, real estate and technology. Want to know more about legal proofreading? This article gives some tips on how to get a job as legal proof, as well as what the position really is. Here are some of the most popular remote positions for law-related jobs. Welcome to the site for remote, part-time, freelance and flexible legal jobs! It`s the perfect place to find legal job openings, with a wide range of remote and flexible legal jobs. Some common job titles on the Legal Jobs page are lawyer, paralegal, law clerk, records assistant, litigation secretary, legal secretary, lawyer, LSAT instructor or tutor, policy specialist, legal billing clerk and others. Legal jobs are flexible jobs with options such as remote, part-time or full-time plans, independent, flexible and alternative schedules, and temporary jobs. Jobs in the Legal Jobs category often require some sort of certificate or diploma, including paralegal certificates, law degrees (JDs), or admission to the bar for one or more particular states.

The industries that regularly seek legal jobs are vast, from criminal justice to education, consulting to publishing, from information technology to retail, government and insurance, and everything in between. Check back regularly for the most recently advertised flexible and remote legal job openings! In this work-from-home role, you will work with commercial and industrial clients to negotiate contracts between two parties. The goal is to ensure that both parties agree on the terms that suit them and that they do not break any regulations or laws in the process. This work may include: According to Zip Recruiter, the national median salary for a legal proofreader role is $48,439 per year. As the remote workforce industry continues to grow, the demand for online legal work has never been higher! Here are some other ways to make money from home while supporting the legal sector. A legal transcriber creates written documents from audio recordings or legal briefs. This role when working from home includes: To fill this position, you must have at least a high school diploma. Some employers may also require work or internship experience in the legal field. As you can see, there is no shortage of home-based legal jobs to support the legal system.

Home work positions in this industry can be found in different areas, so you may find it helpful to start your work from home by choosing an area that interests you the most. FlexJobs is another great place to find legal jobs remotely, and they check each job listing by hand, so you never have to worry about scams! An admissions specialist takes care of the first job a potential client gives to a company. This work may vary from case to case, but may include: To hold this position, you must have at least a high school diploma.